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tv   [untitled]    April 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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three. three. to three. revoke your video for your media drug free meal gargi dot com. still later the cereal with the grand sponsored peace plan on the rocks hours ahead of a cease fire deadline. syrian rebels would use the regimes demands the guarantees they made on weapons before damascus will cause its own suits more details in just a few moments. also this hour the deadline to register for plays in egypt's presidential race cost about twenty couples have now handed in their applications to run for the vacant seat left by ousted muslim obama. who calls the case of victimhood politically motivated and advance to bring that alleged russian arms dealer problem after a u.s.
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court sentenced him to twenty five years of conspiring to kill americans. this is a weekly welcome to the program the u.n. backed peace plan to see where it could bend hours ahead of a ceasefire deadline the rebels have refused to give them ask has any guarantees they will lay down arms before the government troops pull back our middle east correspondent paula. the commander of the rebel free syrian army has indicated that he will not give any kind of guarantees that he plans to lay down arms and this is just hours after the syrians look forward ever placed for such explanations what the syrian regime is asking for is some confirmation that
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the rebels will lay down arms before they would pull a tanks and the troops some population centers now this does threaten to derail the peace process just two days before the peace plan that was put forward by the former u.n. chief kofi annan goes into effect what we know is that the rebels are saying that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the syrian president bashar assad's regime and as such they will not be giving any kind of guarantees what they want is for the syrian troops to return to their bases and for security checkpoints to be removed from the streets but what we're hearing from damascus they say that in the last few days they had an alarming increase in violence in numerous syrian cities and it puts the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the opposition who race they are continuing to carry out of wind and there are many in the international community who fill that what we'll call is are doing is actually moving the two sides further away from each other we sort of the some friends of syria meeting
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which has effectively now become known as the friends of the syrian opposition and the small countries like the united states and its allies as well as simple gulf countries saudi arabia qatar and turkey need to increase support for the rebel fighters what we've heard from countries like russia is that thoughts from actually helping to resolve the conflict these kinds of searches of support are merely searing of the crisis on the ground we also know that the united nations has threatened to take what it's doing so the states against the masters if it does not with for its troops next meets to. state but certainly increasingly the sense is that many in the international community by lending they support to the opposition fighters i have seen do little to help solve the syrian conflict. and needs out of a lot of former syrian ambassador explains why it's vital for damascus to get the guarantees it was from the rebels syria has
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a very hard lesson from the arab league observers say go the armed gangs. really used the existence of arab league observers on the ground. to play chess to do syrians who. has cost the syrian army and security forces and the innocent civilians hundreds of extra lives there's no point does the same thing to happen again during the existence of any international observers on the ground syria has demanded. from. supporters of the. free syrian army i agree with we need to do for them but for me is right to remain true for. civilized. views who have been butchering men women and children in syrian cities and towns.
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they deadline has passed for egypt's presidential hopeful selfishly register for the poor next month about twenty candidates are hoping to fill the shoes of hosni mubarak was ousted last year electric commission is expected to announce the full list of approved candidates in the next couple of weeks he's reno going to cairo looking at who's standing for the top job. but you can divide the candidates into essentially three groups the first group are the liberals who are those who have the support of mostly the young educated people then you have the second group who are essentially hailing from the camp of hosni mubarak the ousted president who have his former prime minister running for president as well as i'm going to move former foreign minister in egypt but also as the former head of the arab league is also vying for the top job as well as the former head of the intelligence service of egypt almost the only man and finally you have the third group who probably have
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the loudest the most rowdy supporters in egypt and there are the islamist parties the muslim brotherhood who from the get go from the first days of the revolution said that they're not going to put forth a candidate for the presidential race a year later not only do they hold the majority of seats in the parliament but they're also saying they have also submitted applications for there and there's this party who also have a very staunch very radical islamist person running for it and you finally have a third radical islamist party. which have also put forth their candidate who is actually banned from traveling in france because according to the french authorities he is a preacher coincides religious intolerance and hatred the muslim brotherhood have just recently been in washington d.c. insisting that radical islamist groups have been misrepresented says that they actually seek nothing more than to install a sharia law in place of the constitutional law some of the things which they have proposed to be put forth in egypt as the law is for example betting alcohol for
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everyone including tourist for a resting tourist or wearing two piece suits you are sick of eating and making girls go to separate schools for boys and for lowering the age of consent to twelve years of age and whether or not these are the types of laws which those who have been out on the streets of cairo a year ago bringing about the egyptian revolution. this is exactly what be out in mind when they called for liberty equality and justice of course that remains pretty gyptian people to decide. so the muslim brotherhood's influence on egyptian political life could have a negative impact on the country it's a freelance journalist bel true. muslim brotherhood have not been one suit to push social change so i imagine it will be quite difficult for women or for minority groups including coptic christians who obviously important in this country i think you're missing something to have shown a very strange relationship with the ruling military council and the supreme
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council the armed forces i think this is where they maybe some issues of the revolutionary groups in which they appear to have been doing deals with discussed behind closed doors which could basically mean there isn't revolutionary change and this i think will be the worry for the rest of the future of egypt. coming up with greece in great after an elderly man becomes the people's will still retain matar that boiled over to arrive this week after the retired pharmacist killed himself in front of parliament is the side that he had no more means to live . in the twelve survivors from beach who made plane crash that killed thirty one are continuing to receive treatment in hospital as big failure to d.i.y. the plane it's named as the primary cause of the tragedy. russia has pledged to bring home big to the business model sentenced in the u.s. to twenty five years behind bars moscow says if you use the case as political and
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he was found guilty of conspiring to kill americans but maintains his innocence the judge stressed there was no proof booth would have committed any crime but with a sting operation that setup is arrest ati's and the future of. here is spent by the u.s. to hunt down one russian man tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash poor into a sting operation snatched up from a third country alleged arms dealer viktor boot was handcuffed flown to the u.s. and placed in solitary confinement for months before a trial found him guilty on all four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the fork the forty four year old russian air cargo business men fascinated hollywood far from. the record.
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that we are now the writer who lost his case in the court of u.s. public opinion long before his trial kicked off raising concerns of the fairness of his trial this is the lord of war. the merchant of death. and you've got him in your hair spray he's in custody it's a great feeling u.s. officials were relentless in their efforts to get behind bars so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate american agents posing as far members of colombian group terrorist in the u.s. but not by many other countries and they do when met with and then arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after twice being found not guilty by thai courts the west reportedly plea dirty arm twisting thailand into extraditing him to america they're willing to flawed every international law to give what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the extradited
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marshall kidnapping boots family also called u.s. actions entrapment and kidnapping but i can accept the possibility that might have some information that might be of interest to someone but why is it that other countries don't just need to themselves that there is someone who has some interest in information and why don't those governments just drive based people on survey territory and ask those requests to send him to russia for trial were brushed aside there was no official decision of an extradition russia called boots extradition illegal and question the validity of his conviction one of the main arguments of the defense that the u.s. lacked jurisdiction was ignored by the court roots defense says the russian was aware that he was not in touch with real fork members and all he was trying to do was sell to all cargo planes of marriage and crimes manufactured jurisdiction and manufactured evidence curios george matt has attended every hearing in the case he says is one of many victims of us judicial power play if you will that victor and
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in particular the charges that were brought against him that he is innocent so you know i don't i don't want any innocent man. russian citizen writable or troy davis to be you know sentence of life or of a crime to commit it to boot is the second. russian citizen in the new year to face sentencing on american territory for little crimes committed in a third nation both cases a major presidency represents a worrying us trend to simply override the legal systems of other countries as they sit for a good hour or two. and don't forget there's plenty more theo on our website for going to r.t. the whole thing nor analysis of big goods imprisonment and also has a quick look at what's also stopping at this hour. with the international community of radio alarm divides imminent rocket launch what other bombs could north korea drop on the work of all tarted up one down from. a retired farmer says became the most public victim of greece's austerity measures this week after the
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seventy seven year old man shot himself dead in front of parliament he left a suicide knows that blames the cuts for destroying his livelihood some two thousand people came to pay their final respects to make trace kristina's on saturday some comparing his death of murder cases sites apart from riots with anti austerity protesters clashing with police and throwing petrol bombs all this is responded with tear gas greece has the ramping up its spending cuts says twenty ten to secure vital e.u. and i.m.f. bailout and financial analysts patrick young says if athens was to survive it needs to default on its debts and leave the euro. the greek government is bankrupt the greek government cannot afford to stay in the euro and pay its debts it must fault ultimately that may be a terrible problem for a great many and i'm serious investors but at the same time i have to say any bank bought greek debt in the course of the last ten years was stupid so making not
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absolutely clear this simple fact is greece most of all. it probably needs to leave your room regionally it most deeply it its currency it is going to still have many problems but the true. for the matter is that when you do get to this sort of extreme only this sort of extreme measure is going to be possible to resolve your situation and ultimately it really beggars belief that we have a greek politician the most highly paid politicians in the whole of the european union turning round and going oh well that's very sad one of our constituents killed themselves when they themselves make fifteen cars and euros per month without any difficulty whatsoever as a backbencher and a which isn't enough to manage to pay for dozens of pensioners every month in new austerity greece. and he survivors from
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a plane crash in russia's two main region on monday remain in hospital but their conditions are said to be stable the aircraft went down soon after takeoff just a few kilometers from the airport killing forty one people failure to the plane has been named as the primary cause of the tragedy take a greaser cold snap from the scene. i heard an explosion then we got a call and my commander ordered us to go to the scene in these few minutes you realize something was wrong but the magnitude of the situation hadn't quite sunk in among the first firefighters on the scene yuri immediately spotted one with few survivors the first thing we saw was the plane debris on fire and we started putting the flames out there was this one man standing alone he didn't seem to have a scratch on him then we took him to the hospital he really was shaking he said he was very cool kid on us against turn the heater on even though we're already was thirty one people lost their lives in a tragedy this shocked the country twelve survivors remain in
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a critical condition the investigation here continues but for a brief moment those involved stopped their work that's a relief family members arrive at the crash site a site where they lost their loved ones in the charts the pay their respects to say a farewell word out still through wrought to contemplate. thrust into grief relatives have been left searching for answers and already some think they know the most probable cause and if it's true it's a tragedy that could have been averted. you hear to the point you know whenever you're flying any type of. hostile condition. very. very hostile condition and it's incumbent upon the way we go.
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as for the frosting. but the investigation is far from over and hasn't reached any binding conclusions black box flight data. in tact cockpits may provide answers but one team scour the flight's final minutes looking for clues relatives of the victims are left to colds or plague their loss. grief assy. and so ahead in the program how much do the british train on an average night out. i drink about to go the line under the bus or to. find out the. running problem of binge drinking in the country billions of. new political parties in russia are rapidly taking root presents major that it's
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initiative to ease their registration has already groups from pensioners to monica's creating their own movements as an isa now reports there could soon be too many trying to get into politics. politics in russia may never be the same protest have become a common sight and new parties are registering left and right as political reform starts very slim full of former deputy prime minister in the ninety's is no stranger to the white house. dinner here don't you know. who was one of the political radar until a sudden mass protest movement picked up after vast fraud claims against the december parliamentary vote now might be his chance to get back in the game but i shall only buy your ticket just that's what my proposal is for any party with five hundred members that represents no less than fifty percent of russia's regions
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should be registered to vote something that you on the steadily but none for want of pushing for easy party registration is already seen faults it was an accident now there will be hundreds of barges registered hundreds of democratic socialist nationalist balance sheets will be kilometers long and xander below of has been trying to officially get into politics for years but there are. known for his staunch nationalism russian marches and tough rhetoric and love could now have a good chance of getting into parliament and already has a plan that. there will be many nationalist parties registered sora first goal will be to get together on one ballot as one party to bring up a readings in use already popular aspects of a movement to win seats. nationalists will have tough competition not least from a new face who has already proved himself billionaire. a sensation in the
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presidential vote announcing his candidacy just months before and coming in third now promising to work hard for the middle class viewer was for more than five and a half million people voted for me trust me for that reason i will form a new political force a strong party. it seems everyone wants to join the party and start want. and want to grease berezovsky in london and we are all good bunch of have both said they have plans to launch political forces for those looking for a lighter choice they may well be able to vote for a party of love sub tropic russia or a party of friends of elliott's but if before there were complaints of too few parties it may now well be too many perhaps putting the days of a so-called technical russian parliament behind but a new russian political system that works still some way off and he's now a r.t.
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moscow. apparently let's take a look at some other stories making headlines this hour a bomb exploded in central nitrate causing casualties details of numbers have not been of this happening just a few hours after an early explosion blew out windows and tore off bruce in the northern city of killing thirty eight people and injuring many more these are the latest in a series of violent attacks in nigeria most of which have been claimed by the militant group boko. by this president has officially resigned as part of a deal to end a political crisis in the country the military staged a coup last month and toppled him from power under the agreement to mediated by local west african countries an interim president and a transitional government will rule until elections are held so they could leaders and they agreed to step down once the president creates a new authority will have to deal with the north but tarek tribes declared independence on friday. so seen people have been injured and fifteen detained
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protesters clashed with police in serbia in the suburbs of the raid locals have been protesting for two days against incision of the city authorities to move a gypsy camp site from the city center to the southern outskirts officials say the romany incumbent had to be relocated because there are all sides because actually. gonna stand around the u.s. has signed a deal concerning controversial night raids by american forces would mean such missions will now be controlled by local leaders have fuel tension between the album government and the u.s. with president hamid karzai condemning aerial bombings that's all ahead of nato as planned withdrawal from the country by the end of twenty eight fourteen. but while in afghanistan the u.s. is decreasing its influence that's opposite to the story playing out in the asia pacific region as the first batch of a new deployment of u.s. marines has arrived in australia more than two hundred will be based in the north while that number could eventually reach two thousand five hundred america's
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military footprint in the region an area of barack obama has called it a priority the glass is also an hansing alliances with japan south korea that flippant and singapore all in china's backyard some experts predicting a conflict a flare up soon journalist james corbett explains why asia pacific nations are choosing to side with the us are not china. groups that believe that they can they can benefit from this and they are likely to side with whoever is going to be. really perceived to be is going to be eventual winner in this type of confrontation so obviously at this stage america has a clear superiority when it comes to conventional evil so it's for example little on cyber weapons and all of the other tools in warfare that are being deployed i mean the aerial vehicles so i think the u.s. is going to be obviously the dominant player here and a lot of governments will go. with the devil as it were even if they don't agree
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with all of us policies they'll certainly go along with it in order to get certain kickbacks on the diplomatic side. are the whole of use has long been so short scourge and the u.k. with the number of deaths from liver disease growing almost every year the british government now wants to introduce a minimum price for alcohol but will this really actress the problem is either but it has more. this is your average friday night now in britain it's not yet midnight but many people have already drunk well over the limit of was considered binge drinking in the now i drink about people that line. fifty six yeah checkpoints. maybe a couple shops it's about. maybe fifty sixty it's this kind of heavy drinking that's being blamed for the soaring numbers of deaths for
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a liver disease in the u.k. eleven and a half thousand people die each year from the disease twenty five percent more than just a decade ago according to medical data most of those deaths down to alcohol abuse so how much is too much well the recommended daily limit is four units of alcohol so around two points of beer but even if you drink nights so points of beer that we binge drinking according to experts seriously damaging your health even lease is nothing compared to what many get three last orders a very. few shots. an amount six times more than what's considered safe by alcohol advice groups where there is a very great to address the are called misuse of the united kingdom the short and
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long term side of his or the short term you know the issues around getting weight getting in trouble potentially putting yourself at physical risk or you know bile and sore something along those lines those are all short term issues that need to be addressed then you have the longer term health issues which are issues around heart disease cancer liver disease the government blames supermarkets selling booze rock bottom prices just twenty. pounds can buy you as many as forty cans of strong cider it now wants to ban these multi by discounts and impose a minimum price of forty pence per unit it will force supermarkets to effectively double their prices on the cheap based drinks but the industry's adamant it's not cos that's causing the trouble the heaviest rain caused people to drink problematic levels of alcohol a least likely to be deterred from drinking by price rises one in five a minimum unit price would do is raise the price for millions of ordinary consumers living as a section of society likely to be holistic it is the poor it's the lowest income so
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it seems very unfair and of course it is not actually going to be successful in tackling the problem drinkers at the moment that falls to the police the punch drunk punch ups a familiar sight come closing time the government claims ending bargain boozing will instantly cut crime and massively reduce alcohol related deaths but with the bulk of binge drinkers already paying over the proposed minimum it's clearly not the term for the bar them from having another destructive night on the tiles are the bennetts. coming up shortly out into your lead study on health the next a bigger a crisis bailouts and the stars that's right after the headlines. today
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violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of kenya that. giant corporations are all day.


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